Vernissage Black

Vernissage Black Tomato Seeds


Double Helix Farms is proud to say we were the first to offer this stunning striped black tomato in the United States. This Ukrainian beauty has a lot going for it. Great taste, heavy production and no one can deny how pretty it is. The last wave of fruit had the most striking color. I suppose the cooler nights really brought out the best of this tomato. Everyone will be talking about this one and it is always one of the highlights of my garden. Don’t forget to check out the others in the same family from the Ukraine, Vernissage Pink and Vernissage Yellow.

Seed Quantity: 
  • Heirloom Vernissage Black Tomato Seeds
  • Rare Vernissage Black Tomato Seeds
  • Vernissage Black Tomato Seeds Ukraine vermissage
  • striped heirloom tomato seeds vernissage black

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