Toad Suck Toad

Green when ripe heirloom tomato


This is a just a crazy looking tomato. The vines tend to be deep purple, almost black. The fruit emerges a beautiful green and as it ripens it turns the oddest color of toad green. Toad Suck, Arkansas is a real place just outside of town where I live. It is a place where people used to cross the Arkansas river on a ferry. It was also a place for the river boats to dock and the sailors to get drunk. Since there wasn't really a lodge at the ferry crossing the sailors would sleep off their night of drinking spread out on the banks of the Arkansas river. It was said they looked like a bunch of toads sunning themselves by the river. Or as the saying goes, "they suck on the bottle all night and sleep like toads all morning. This place became known as "Toad Suck Ferry". It seemed fitting that I name this one in honor of my local legends. Toad Suck Toad is one of the juiciest tomatoes you can grow and it is flavorful and very low acid. And I have to say there is not another tomato like it in the world.

Seed Quantity: 
  • Toad Suck Toad Tomato
  • Toad Suck Toad heirloom Arkansas Tomato
  • The Toad Suck Toad Tomato
  • Green when ripe tomato

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