A Thank You Gift For Our Customers

We are celebrating our 5th year and we want you to be rewarded for helping us get there. Double Helix Farms could not have made it without the support of our customers. We are making you an unprecedented offer to anyone who places an offer from now until December 15th. Being sick for over four years has made me look at life a little differently. I have realized that I have more projects than years left. So, I wanted to do something nice for my customers. I have spent many years breeding plants and have many developing lines of tomatoes. The time has come for me to share those breeding projects with you. These tomato seeds are not for sale and never would be for sale. They are only available as a free gift to you when you place a new order between November 14 through December 15th. Every seed that you plant will be unique. It is up to you to decide if it is worth keeping it going by saving the seed to plant again next year.

This will be the most exciting thing you will do in your garden. For me, every year it is like a garden Christmas watching all the unique tomatoes ripen and my hope is that you have just as much fun doing it as I do. The hard part has been done. All you have to do is plant the seeds and make your selections. One offer per customer while supplies last.
Here are some of the things we will be offering:

1. 1200-21. This is an outstanding line with Sungold as a parent. There's a pink tomato and a deep purple anthocyanin rich tomato in its heritage as well. It should have some crazy segregation in the grow outs.
2. 1200-55 breeding line or 1200-22 breeding line. Both of these crosses have Cherokee Purple in the parentage. Everything I have seen so far in these groups have had superb flavor.
3. 1200-60 lines which are heart shaped tomatoes with potato leaf foliage.
4. 1200-45 series which is a cross from a great heirloom pink with a blue (purple/black) anthocyanin type tomato.
5. 1200-19 series which is a chocolate colored tomato crossed with a blue (purple/black) anthocyanin with clear skin
6. 1200-38. With one parent being a "white" when ripe tomato and the other one a pink striped tomato, you should have a lot of fun surprises with this grow out. Lots of diversity here. I can't wait to see your results.
7. 1200-24. This line should really have some interesting and unique varieties in your grow out. Even stripes and huge multi-flora clusters should show up. Everything out of this group should have huge production and great flavor.
8. 1102-06 which is a back-cross line from crossing two heirloom favorites. This group is producing some outstanding beefsteaks. You could see both regular leaf and potato leaf plants.
9. 1100-33. A line that is pumping out lots of stripes.
10. 1300-13. This one should have some good slicers and the crimson gene.
11. 1200-30 series which is producing various colors of heart shaped tomatoes. Select for flavor.
12. One of three different cucumber selections at the finishing stage of development.
13. We have several segregating lines of cantaloupe type melons
14. Four different lines of Squash in various stages of development/stability.
15. One of about a dozen varieties of corn that is near stable.
16. There are about 6 or 7 series of pepper breeding projects that should have a huge amount of diversity. You will be selecting based on usability, fragrance, flavor, sweetness or heat depending on what you like. All of these lines have been producing some beautiful peppers.

To pick your collection, click on one of the links below and add your collection to your cart before placing your order.

Tomato Breeder's Assistant Collection

Vegetable Breeder's Assistant Collection

What you receive depends on supplies and when your order gets placed. Please do not request specific lines or crosses. These are all really good breeding projects and you will be thrilled when you do the grow outs.
Hurry, because this offer is only good while supplies last or until December 15th!