Slovenska Golica

oil seed pumpkin naked sqaush slovenska golica


UPDATE: I just received a small amount of seed and have a few packages to offer. This is one of those plants that everyone should try. The seeds have outstanding flavor and taste similar to a pecan.

Slovenska Golica is one of the most interesting squash we offer. These types of winter squash are commonly called “naked seed squash” or “oil seed pumpkins” and they are grown mostly for their seeds. The flesh is edible, but it’s the seeds that make this one really stand out. The roasted seeds, which are abundant, are quite tasty. If you want to grow something unusual this year then give this “naked seed” variety a try. They are good producers and the seeds are delicious.

Seed Quantity: 
  • oil seed pumpkin naked sqaush slovenska golica

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