Rabideau Tomato Seeds


Hands down this was one of the top tasting yellows we grew this year. These are very meaty and quite juicy. They are almost like a heart, In fact I put it in the heart category even though it does not have the wispy leaves or the heart type seed cavity. Very hard to describe this tomato. The fruit is very dense and feels heavy for its size. The flavor is rich and deep with just enough sweetness to make it unique among yellows. Mostly 6 to 8 ounce fruit. If I was only going to try one new variety this year, then Rabideau would be my choice. Don’t wait too long, because this one will go fast. Limited amount of seeds.

Seed Quantity: 
  • Heirloom Rabideau Tomato Seeds
  • Rare Rabideau Tomato Seeds

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