pseudocereal grain Quinoa seeds


When you start growing tomatoes that the Incas grew, it is easy to get caught up in the history and culture of many things from that part of the world. But when I heard about Quinoa and it's ancient history I was reluctant to try it because it just didn't sound appealing to me. I finally did try it and I am glad I did. It is now something that will always be in my pantry. Being a Southerner my first thought was that it tasted like a milder version of black-eyed peas. You cook it like you would rice and you can season it any way you want. I put it in some beef soup and it added more flavor and a different texture. It is also great with a mixed bean soup with a little bacon and cilantro. Quinoa is not a true cereal grain like wheat or rice because it is not a grass. It is a broadleaf plant that produces lots of seeds and it is the seed that you save and eat which is high in protein (15%) and nutritious. Plants get big and I think you could actually grow it at the back of a flowerbed as an ornamental. Wherever you decide to grow it, just make sure you grow it.

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