Well this one was unexpected. I found this tomato from the Tomato Genetics Research Center called LA1016. It was a really weird color so I crossed it with Cherokee Purple. I was expecting to select odd colored tomatoes. What I was not expecting was a tomato with a Brix reading of over 7. That is a very high sugar content for a tomato. Brix numbers represent the amount of soluble sugars and these are always high.This F4 selection has held true to high sugar content and produced a nice salad size tomato. The flavor is outstanding and it is nearing completion. I recommend this one for everyone wanting to do grow outs. This group of breeding project seeds has produced monster plants. Gigantic and prolific, producing bucket loads of very sweet tomatoes. You could still see some purple or chocolate tomatoes but it was the flavor that made me pick this one. There’s not much seed available. I think I am only going to have 10 or 15 packages. If you want something with great flavor and the possibility of interesting plants you should pick up a pack of this project. You can't really rely on this single picture because you will see much more diversity in project seeds than one or a few pictures can represent.

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