This is a very sweet tomato that has Sungold as a parent and Brandywine as a grandparent. I had a red seedling from a Brandywine cross I did early in my breeding. This seedling was one of the best flavored tomatoes I have ever had. I crossed this with Sungold and made the selections over several years to produce this F4 seed. This seed has produced some sweet tomatoes and one of the most prolific in the garden. Because of the hybrid Sungold as a parent you will probably still see quite a bit of segregation. This will be a fun one to work on because you are likely to see what breeders deal with when selecting for flavor. It is important to cull everything that isn’t fantastic. There will be a fantastic tomato somewhere in this line so there is no point in keeping anything but the best. This seed is limited and if you want in on this project, I would suggest ordering early. Very limited supply. Once it is gone there will never be any more ever.

Seed Quantity: 

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