This is the F4 offspring of a cross I made from the seedling from a striped green when ripe heart shaped tomato and the massive heart tomato Happy Jack. This tomato and the sister lines 1200-30-07-02 and 1200-30-07-03 have been selected for their outstanding qualities and they are nearing completion. This is a chance for you to have a hand in finishing a tomato breeding project. Since this is fourth generation there won’t be as much diversity but it will be easier to control and select for what has already been chosen. You will still see some difference and it will still be both fun and interesting to complete this project. F4 only needs a few more grow outs if you maintain your selection lines. Only have about 10 or 15 packs of this seed so if you want to work on this project you might want to get your seeds as soon as possible.

Seed Quantity: 

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