This bright orange tomato is at F4 and should be one of the easier ones to finish. The tangerine gene is the recessive trait I was wanting. I was able to pick it up in the first grow out and simply selected the one with the best flavor. The next year I had about a dozen plants and selected again for flavor but also chose the one that produced the most tomatoes. This would be the plan I would choose to grow it on to stability at F7. At F7, the genetics that you are seeking is 98.4% matched pairs. By F8, you only have .8% heterozygotes, so the odds of something new are low. Now here is the wrinkle in this line. One of the parents was a striped black tomato. So, even though we are at F4 with a bright orange tomato, there is still a chance you will get a striped and/or chocolate colored tomato. If you were wanting a quick finish but also a chance for something new too, this would be a good choice.

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