This F3 selection was a very interesting tomato that had interesting flesh color and superb flavor. The flavor was the main reason I brought this one into the next generation. This is a sibling to 1400-46-13 and 1400-46-05 but very different in the genetics that got captured. It is also the offspring of 1400-46 but made available to put you further along in the grow out process. This complex tomato with a parent that was a cross of Bradley and Sunshine Blue was bred with a tomato with the green flesh gene like found in Cherokee Purple, Black Prince, Dana’s Dusky Rose and other similar tomatoes. It also had the tangerine and stripe genes. This is a tomato where you can focus on selecting for these physical properties and at the same time look for something else that could prove interesting. Great line of seeds. I don’t have very many so order early to ensure you get to grow this project. Limited to only 10 packs of seeds. One of a kind so when they are gone that is it.

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