If you are looking for something a little more developed than the F2 seeds then this F3 selection will put you in a particular direction. This complex tomato with a parent that was a cross of Bradley and Sunshine Blue was bred with a tomato with the green flesh gene like found in Cherokee Purple, Black Prince, Dana’s Dusky Rose and other similar tomatoes. It also had the tangerine and stripe genes. This selection was a deep chocolate tomato with heavy anthocyanin. This is a sister line to 1400-46-05 and 1400-46-15. This is a tomato where you can focus on selecting for these physical properties and at the same time look for something else that could prove interesting. This is a great line of seeds. I don’t have very many so order early to ensure you get to grow this project. Limited to only 5 packs of seeds. This is another one of a kind so when they are gone that is it.

Seed Quantity: 

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