Both this tomato and its sister line 1200-30-08 have some interesting parents. I got some seed from Europe from a striped green when ripe heart shaped tomato. I ended up with a sausage shaped tomato from this line that I used as one of the parents. To bring up the size and to add to the possibility of getting heart shaped tomatoes I crossed it with Happy Jack. The most interesting thing to come out of this F3 line is how many bi-colored tomatoes that have come out of this line. The flavor profile is out of this world on everything I have grown. This line is a torpedo shaped orange/yellow/red multicolored tomato. It was quite delicious which is why the seeds are in such short supply. This one and its sister 1200-30-08 are must haves. I wouldn’t delay because they are very limited. Also, please check out 1200-32-02. It has one of the same parents and the other parent is Cherokee Purple.

Seed Quantity: 

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