I have several developing striped tomatoes that had both yellow and red tomatoes diverge in the seedling line. I even had one with the gf gene that made this delicious purple tomato with stripes. I stabilized that tomato and it was used here as a parent. All of the tomatoes from this particular breeding line have been very pretty and also very high on flavor. I used this as the parent with Liz Birt, which is a pink potato leaf tomato. I was doing the grow out and ended up only selecting one plant from all that were grown. I made the decision based solely on flavor. I have not been able to get back to this tomato and finish it. I would say stick with trying to get a large pink tomato with superb flavor but also keep an eye out for a nice striped tomato with the same flavor profile. There is a very limited supply of this F3 seed. I can only offer 10 packs and when they are gone, there will never be any more.

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