This F3 group of seeds is a line that is developing from a seedling of mine that had an amazing purple color from anthocyanin and a deep red flesh with pink skin. I crossed this with Mikado Black. This particular plant was a selection I made of a regular leaf plant but since Mikado Black has potato leaf foliage you might still get some potato leafs. You could also see a purple tomato similar to Cherokee Purple with even more pronounced purple from the anthocyanin. The flavor was very good and this line needs to be developed. I would also consider a further cross with one of our lines like Ozark Sunset or Ozark Sunrise. I was very excited with this tomato. I really need help getting it to completion. I have a sister line also listed that is one more generation along, but also uniquely another tomato too. Grow this one and 1200-19-27-03 together for comparison and select for flavor.

Seed Quantity: 

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