A lot of thought went into this tomato. I wanted to breed something that would give me years of work if I decided I would not do anymore crossing. Out of all my breeding work, this tomato has the most complex parenting. I first made hybrids. Then I crossed those hybrids. This is the F2 seed from that complicated cross. It would take a full page to draw out the parentage so I will just give you the overview. A regular leaf red, a heart shaped cherry, an anthocyanin rich cherry, Cherokee Purple, Green Flesh, Brandywine, tangerine gene, stripe gene, and another anthocyanin tomato with large fruit. There is a real good chance that every plant you grow you will get a different looking tomato. The fruit size, color and shape could be anything. The plants could be potato leaf of regular. I would also recommend 1200-46 and 1400-21 if you are looking for something that will produce a lot of unique tomato plants. This one will be fun to grow. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to get a chance. The seed is in short supply so please order early because it is going to limited to about 25 packs. If you like doing this sort of thing then this one is a must have.

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