This is a complicated tomato and offers to give you a ridiculous amount of diversity. It would not surprise me if every single tomato plant were unique. I used the same seedling of mine that I used in cross 1400-42 that contained the gene called gf that makes chocolate or purple tomatoes, plus the tangerine gene, and a gene for stripe crossed with a firm pink heart shaped cherry. This plant was crossed with a plant that was a cross of Bradley and Sunshine Blue. I’ve grown some of these seedlings out and have one that is nearing stabilization. I decided to release the F2 because I think there are more great tomatoes to be found within this cross. If you want a great project that could give you multiple lines to pursue this is good choice. I would also recommend 1200-21 and 1400-52. With these three breeding lines, it would not be unusual to plant 100 plants and see 100 different tomatoes varying in leaf shape, color and size of fruit, and growth habit.

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