What a long strange trip...

This has been a long time coming. A decade of growing plants for a living followed by a decade growing them for fun, and now here we are again. Double Helix Farms is two years in the making, but I suppose you could say I have been building up to this all of my life. I trialed hundreds of varieties of tomatoes and have processed thousands and thousands of seeds. I tasted so many tomatoes this summer that I’m pretty sure my blood was mostly lycopene. I took over 2000 photographs and in putting this website together have written close to 20,000 words. Every single description on this website is real. None of it was fabricated by some over indulged rich guy impersonating a hayseed. Nothing was done by some nameless copy editor just trying to put out a catalog. Nope, I ate every tomato. I even reluctantly and fearfully took a bite out of a Chocolate Fatali pepper.
I have had a small business for more than a decade and in the last 18 months it has taken a nose dive due to the economy. I’ve had to live on about 60% of what I should be making, but putting in the same amount of work. I had to find some way to make up for the loss of income and I came to the conclusion that this new seed company was my calling. Growing plants and gardening is what I love and I have been doing it since I was 5 years old. To paraphrase King Solomon, “plant many seeds. You never know which ones will grow and perhaps they all will.” Which means I have been working two jobs. One full time and the other part time. Starting in April of last year, not only was I working my regular job full time, but the seed business became full time work as well. It was a huge amount of work that just about got the best of me. Putting in 80 plus hours a week is something best left for the really young. But I made it. And what you see being offered is the culmination of a lot of research, hard work, and hope. I hope you love this website as much as I do. Ultimately I want to have a business where I can sell my own hybridizations and a place where other independent plant breeders can have an outlet for their efforts. I love the enormous variety of garden vegetables that are available and experiment with new things every year. This has been the most exciting growing season I have ever had. Counting trials, named cultivars and segregating populations, I had close to 400 different kinds of tomatoes alone. My hybridizations produced more than 50 new varieties that we will be evaluating over the next few years. When I say “we”, I mean we are all in this together. I have to have your input on what I am doing or I will be just like all the other seed vendors. I will continue to pester everyone I know to see if they have contacts, relatives, or friends living or visiting other countries. By doing this I have acquired very rare seeds from literally all over the world. Sometimes the only thing that a vegetable we offer will have in common with anything else is that it was loved enough to be deemed worthy of growing and was being saved year after year by the family, and in some cases, the village they were sent from.
Yes, we are new. No, we are not new at growing. Double Helix Farms is different and we want you to be a part of it.

"Destroy my desires, eradicate my ideals, show me something better, and I will follow you”
-F. Dostoevsky