Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu tomato seeds


Double Helix Farms is proud to offer for the first time this historically important tomato. To grow this is to grow history. It is quite rare to find potato leaf tomato lines being kept pure for as many years as this tomato. This tomato is named after the mysterious city in the sky in Peru and comes from a small community garden very close to the isolated area. It has been known by natives in the area for more than a century and a half and many say this tomato has been around for as long as the “people at the top of the world” themselves. We were blessed to be given a small quantity of these seeds and grew them for the first time in 2010. We can now share them with the rest of our gardening friends and family. Strong tomato flavor, very juicy, 1 ounce fruit on sturdy and hardy plants.

Seed Quantity: 

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