Haley's Purple Comet

Haley's Purple Comet open pollinated tomato seeds


This is an outstanding black purple tomato. Just the right amount of sweet and sour to make it perfectly balanced. Strong grower and very productive. Hayley’s Purple Comet is just plain delicious.
It is my opinion that this tomato got passed around while it was still genetically segregating and there are several tomatoes going by this name. Most of the photographs I have seen of the tomato show a brownish color which would indicate that it has yellow skin over the gf gene. The tomato that I have has clear skin over the gf gene which makes it quite purple. I think what we sell is unique. This is a great example of why the lack of understanding about genetics and releasing a tomato before it has been stabilized for 7 generations causes problems and confusion. Oh well, we have a very good tomato.

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