Indian Stripe

Indian stripe is originally from South Arkansas and had been known for years as “Indian Zebra” by it’s original grower, Clyde Burson. Mr. Burson was nice enough to share his personal seeds with others and along the way the name became Indian Stripe. We are actually glad for the name change since just about any tomato with a stripe has “zebra” stuck in the name.


Lavender Lake

This is why I love tomatoes. Outstanding flavor and the typical finish on the palate that you get from black tomatoes. Very juicy and has the perfect balance of all those complex flavors a tomato can have. If you only pick one new one this year then give this one a try. Why would you only pick ONE new one?


Ozark Sunset

Double Helix Farms created this beautiful purple and pink anthocyanin rich 2 to 3 ounce tomato. Ozark Sunset is one of the most striking tomatoes you will grow and has a pedigree that blazed some new territory instead of following everyone's footsteps. Ozark Sunset is one of the most commented on and talked about tomatoes in my garden.



Jackie is the best purple black anthocyanin rich tomato on the market to date. Tomatoes high in the antioxidant anothocyanin are quite popular right now and I have been breeding with them for several years. The problem I encountered is that they tend to have a bitter aftertaste. I have tried breeding down several different pathways and culled plants solely on flavor.



Wow! What a beauty of a tomato. We are proud to be the first to introduce seeds for this fine tomato to the United States. These seeds came out of the Russian tomato breeding program and they really fill a void. Very dark round fruit about the size of a Quarter. Rich smoky black tomato flavor with a hint of sweetness.


Mikado Black

Mikado Black continues to be one of the best of the garden year after year. It is also one of our best sellers. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be the one to introduce this tomato to the United States. This is the absolute essence of what a black tomato should be. It has one of the best flavors of anything in the dark category. This was THE favorite of the year.


Ozark Sunrise

This is such a pretty tomato. As with Ozark Sunset, this beautiful anti-oxidant loaded purple beauty just might be the prettiest tomato you can grow. When we set out to breed this tomato we had one thing in mind. Coupling great flavor with the purple colored anthocyanin, which makes it rich in healthy antioxidants.


Indian Stripe tomato seeds