Schilling Giant

These are just picture perfect red tomatoes. Great flavor and super healthy growers. I got plenty of bigger than a pound size tomatoes. Schilling Giant produced some huge tomatoes and if you like growing the big ones then you will like growing this one for sure.


Sekai Ichi

This is a tomato lovers tomato. Big rich robust tasting flavor. Out of all the tomatoes I have grown over the years, none bring to mind that old home grown flavor like this one. If I could transport back in time to my grandmothers garden, this is what I would taste. Outstanding in every way. Sekai Ichi is a huge plant and I couldn't hardly keep up with picking them.


Linhart's Giant

I can’t tell you about this tomato until I tell you a story. I received a second hand packet of seeds that had originally been sent from a seed bank in Germany to my friend in Canada. The original packet contained 3 seeds. The pack was sent from Canada last winter to me here in Arkansas. When I opened the packet there was only one shriveled up brownish colored seed.


Spanish Giant

Good Grief! This is a nice tomato. I was quite impressed by the size since there are so many tomatoes with the word “giant” in their name that just don’t get that big. Spanish Giant certainly earned its spot in the garden. Big tomatoes on strong growing plants and the flavor was top notch. A must have for the heirloom collector or anyone who loves to grow nice size tomatoes.


Dwarf Red Heart

How in the world are you living without this one? We love hearts and to find a heart that can be grown in pot on the deck or patio is just about the best thing ever. This tomato produced a very good number of nice meaty heart shaped good tasting tomatoes. The best part was I grew every one of them in containers. You should not be without this tomato.


Geante de Hutt

These things are huge. Geante de Hutt is meaty and has few seeds. It would actually make a good dual purpose tomato. You can slice them for sandwiches or cook them for sauce. If you are looking for a monster to impress the neighbors or start a freak show at the farmers market then Geante de Hutt is your tomato.


Saint Pierre

French heirloom that makes quite a good crop of 6 ounce red tomatoes. The thing that stands out the most about Saint Pierre is it has that true old tomato flavor. Tastes like a tomato is supposed to taste. Saint Pierre is bold and doesn't really have any sweetness. Saint Pierre would make a good canning tomato but is still tasty enough to use as a fresh slicer.


Pearl of Siberia

Can you say prolific? Because that is what you get from this great tasting Russian tomato that loved it here in the South. So grateful to Vernon and Stephanie for keeping this one going for me while I was sick. It has earned a spot in next year’s garden and it should be on your wish list too.



This one is in the top 5 for production this year. You will not believe how productive it is. These are great tasting cherry tomatoes. I would say they are a large cherry and just right for salads. There are so many cherries, especially store bought ones, that are just bland. Not Singa. Singa lets you know you are eating a tomato. This is one that needs to be on your must grow list.



I tracked down this tomato to use in my breeding program because I needed a large red tomato with potato leaf foliage. It turned out I got more than I could have dreamed for because it was a very good tomato. Eli is a monster. Huge delicious red tomatoes and the plants are big and strong. Too often good red tomatoes are overlooked. This is one that needs to be in more gardens.


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