Glass Gem Corn

Glass Gem Corn is in stock and we are the ONLY seed company selling TRUE Glass Gem Corn this year. Not everyone selling what they claim is Glass Gem Corn has the real product. Unfortunately you won't find out until you grow it. Our corn is from the original strain and grown in isolation. Glass Gem Corn is one of the most striking corns you will see when it is in the milk stage.


Oaxacan Green Dent Corn

I personally think this corn is prettier than Glass Gem and is certainly more useful. Oaxacan Green Dent makes a stunning display as an ornamental, but it is quite well known for its great flavored cornmeal. This ancient corn has always been grown by the Zapotec Indians of southern Mexico, but is Quite rare in the mainstream garden.


Reid’s Yellow Dent Corn

Reid’s is possibly the most productive non-hybrid corn you can grow. It can grow in a diverse range of climates and makes picture perfect 8 to 10 inch bright yellow ears. Truly an American gem and should be in every heirloom garden.


Strawberry Popping Corn

Not only is Strawberry Popping Corn pretty, it actually is a great popcorn with superb flavor. The first time I saw this corn was as a table decoration. I didn’t think it was real. These are easy to grow and quite rewarding. Strawberry Popping Corn is a multi-task corn that you will love.


Joseph’s Popping Corn

We are very happy to be offering this pretty popping corn from our friend in Utah. We have no doubt that Joseph’s Popping corn will be one of your favorites. Give it a row or two in your garden. Makes a very pretty ornamental, but don’t let that fool you. It is a great Popcorn.


Glass Gem Corn Seeds