Burgundy Traveler

Burgundy Traveler Tomato Seeds


Good tasting dark pink to purple 4 to 6 ounce juicy tomatoes on strong growing vines. While this tomato might share the “Traveler” name it is not from the same breeding program. Burgundy Traveler is one of the prettiest tomatoes I grew and the flavor is outstanding. It is more on the old fashion acidic side with just enough sweetness to make it one of my favorites. Similar in flavor to Arkansas Traveler, but has more of an earthy taste.

*2012 Update
Did you have trouble getting tomatoes to set fruit in the heat? Well you need to have at least a few Burgundy Travelers growing. Hardly anyone ever gets this tomato and you are really missing out. It has outstanding flavor and is a very heavy producer. Burgundy Traveler is one of the best heat tolerant tomatoes I grow. Don’t overlook this one again.

Seed Quantity: 

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