Thai Long Sweet Pepper

Thai Long Sweet Pepper rare chili seeds


This Thai pepper has outstanding flavor. Another pepper that was probably named by a moron. These are not mild peppers. These are quite hot. They are also quite pretty. They look like they are made of glass. The green peppers are really flavorful and add plenty of heat to any Asian dish. Let them turn red and you add a bit more sweetness, but nothing near anything that would cause you to call it “sweet”. They are heavy producers and they dry very well. I am glad I grew this and happy to offer seed, but just remember they are not really that sweet and they have enough heat that they would be happy in any food with “Thai” in the name.

Seed Quantity: 
  • Thai Long Sweet Pepper Heirloom seeds
  • Thai Long Sweet Pepper chili seeds
  • Thai Long Sweet Pepper Heirloom Plant seeds chili

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