This one is in the top 5 for production this year. You will not believe how productive it is. These are great tasting cherry tomatoes. I would say they are a large cherry and just right for salads. There are so many cherries, especially store bought ones, that are just bland. Not Singa. Singa lets you know you are eating a tomato. This is one that needs to be on your must grow list. It really filled a void in my cherry tomato selection. I love Sungold, but if you are like me you sort of get sick of them at some point and you want something a bit more robust. Singa fills that order. I got where I specifically went out and picked some of these to mix in my salad because they had just the right flavor. To me, this was more what I truly wanted to match up against the things I like to put in my salads. Most cherry tomatoes lean more to the sweet side and that is what I want for snacking but not what I want mixed with a bit of lettuce, cheese and my favorite dressings. Give Singa a try.

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  • Singa

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