Quick Pick Purple Hull Peas

Heirloom Purple Hull Peas


Quick Pick Purple Hull Peas.
Purple Hull Peas are one of my favorites. We sell two different kinds, Quick Pick and Pink Eye. Both taste about the same by the time I boil them up with some smoked ham hocks. Outside the Southern United States these are rarely grown. I have no idea why they never caught on outside of the South. Easy to grow, easy to cook, even easy to preserve. You can just shell them and pop them in the freezer. These are sometimes lumped into the category "Field Peas". I just call them good.

Seed Quantity: 
  • Heirloom Purple Hull Peas Black Eyed Eye Field
  • Heirloom Purple Hull Peas Field Peas
  • Heirloom Purple Hull Peas Southern Peas

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