Papaya Sweet Squash

Papaya Sweet Squash seeds


This is the most productive winter keeper squash I have grown so far. One of my problems with winter keeper squash is that you don't know what to do with one once you get it opened up. Dealing with a 20 pound squash is not my idea of fun. Seriously, who likes squash that much? This one, however, is delightful. Just the right size to make a dish or two or a huge pot of soup and not have to spend the rest of your Christmas vacation searching the Internet for squash recipes. Sweet Papaya Squash has a very good flavor and is sweet enough to make a pie or rich enough to make something savory like your favorite squash soup. Or split them in half and bake in the oven with savory herbs and cheese. I was surprised at how many squash you get per plant too. We got 7 or 8 from one plant. Just like all squash, they will need a lot of room to grow.

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  • Papaya Sweet Squash
  • Papaya Sweet Squash

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