Ozark Sunrise

Ozark Sunrise Tomato Seeds


This is our very own creation bred by Steve, owner of Double Helix Farms.

This is such a pretty tomato. As with Ozark Sunset, this beautiful anti-oxidant loaded purple beauty just might be the prettiest tomato you can grow. When we set out to breed this tomato we had one thing in mind. Coupling great flavor with the purple colored anthocyanin, which makes it rich in healthy antioxidants. We went back to the source for the gene that gives the purple color and bred it with a great tasting modern tomato. Then we bred the offspring with a superb tasting heirloom. It was the long way around but worth the extra effort. It has quite a bit of purple color throughout the plant. The color is intensified in cooler temps. We will continue to breed new and interesting varieties with the focus always on the flavor.

Seed Quantity: 
  • Ozark Sunrise Tomato Seeds
  • Ozark Sunrise Tomato Seeds
  • Ozark Sunrise Tomato Seeds

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