Large Natural Sharpening Stone (Whetstone)

Arkansas Sharpening stone whetstone novaculite


Large-Size varies slightly-Approximately 1 ½ x 8 inches-variations in colors
These sharpening stones are made from naturally occurring rock called Novaculite. This rock has been mined around the Hot Springs, Arkansas area for more than a century. In today’s throwaway society there isn’t as much demand for a natural stone product as in the past and they are becoming hard to find. Arkansas stones are the finest in the world for blade sharpening. Our stones are sort of random sizes. Because they are natural, you can expect flaws. There might be seams, nicks, or even a hole in one but you will always have a good surface for sharpening. If you want a perfect stone you will need to buy something man made. We sell 3 sizes, but as I said they are sort of random. The size is only approximate since the rock these are cut from is maximized for most use.

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  • Arkansas Sharpening stone whetstone novaculite

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