Lagrimas Do Rio Pepper

Lagrimas Do Rio Pepper seeds Capsicum chinense


This Capsicum chinense variety is just about the prettiest pepper I grew this year. The plant itself is beautiful and has sort of hairy stems that tend to be much stronger looking than most of the other peppers I grew. Lagrimas Do Rio peppers look like small ornamental shrubs. The teardrop shaped yellow peppers hang in abundance and just keep coming. I think I am going to try my hand at pickling some of these next year. They are hot and flavorful and should make an excellent vinegar based hot sauce. This was one of my favorites. Don’t let these get away from you before I sell out.

Seed Quantity: 
  • Lagrimas Do Rio Pepper blossom Capsicum chinense
  • Lagrimas Do Rio Pepper seeds Capsicum chinense

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