Cutting Celery

Cutting Celery seed


I think that this is one of those plants that should be in every garden. It is just that important. It is not widely grown or even know about by many seasoned gardeners. Cutting Celery has a flavor that is just like Celery stalks but this one is much easier to grow and faster to produce an edible product. I use a lot of Celery to cook with but have not had good luck growing it. Cutting Celery fills that void. It is easy to grow and is perfect for cooking. It can also be grown in a pot. It is so cool to just be able to walk out my back door and grab some leave from this plant and toss into whatever I am cooking. Please give it a try and I think you will agree it will be a staple in your garden from now on.

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  • Cutting Celery seed

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