Chervena Chuska Pepper

Heirloom Pepper Chervena Chuska


I am going to go ahead and say this. Chervena Chuska is the best pepper ever. If I could only grow one pepper, Chervena Chuska would be it. Have you seen these new hybrid peppers being marketed both in the grocery store and at other seed companies as “snacking peppers” or “lunch box” peppers? Well they can’t hold a candle to this open pollinated heirloom. Chervena Chuska has outstanding flavor and is super sweet. I should do a Brix test on this pepper because I am betting the sugar content is off the charts. This heirloom beauty is originally from Bulgaria. You really have to taste this pepper to believe it. Just get it.

Seed Quantity: 
  • Heirloom Pepper Seeds Chervena Chuska
  • Heirloom Pepper Seeds Chervena Chuska
  • Chervena Chuska pepper seeds rare heirloom

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